Flatland Design

Flatland Design evolved naturally out of owners Esther and Maurice’s love of vintage Dutch design. Based in the south of the Netherlands, their collection spans from the early twenties up until the end of the 20th Century and includes industrial and modern pieces. They offer well-made and beautifully designed items that have stood the test of time. Some remain almost as good as new, others with a hint of usage that gives them that special character and charm. Where needed, items have been restored with great care for the original materials and processes used. Flatland Design has been open since 2013 and already boasts an impressive host of household names including W. H. Gispen, Yngve Ekström and Kho Liang Ie and manufacturers such as Ahrend de Cirkeland  ‘t Spectrum.   While their collection boasts a wide variety of Scandinavian modern and Dutch collectibles, they also stock Brazilian and Italian pieces. Their dedication to detail means that they restore all pieces to a very high standard, allowing the immediate placement of their items in any setting.